Thank you to all of our sponsors and partners that help make NJ Cannabis Certified the best and most affordable cannabis training program in New Jersey.

Valley Wellness, also founded and run by Sarah Trent, hopes to becomes a dispensary operating in Somerset County. Valley Wellness will seek to employ local, diverse, and trained staff – and graduates of NJ Cannabis Certified will be notified of job openings upon being permitted.

Seth Tipton, a partner at Florio Perrucci, graciously donates his time and expertise to teach the history of cannabis laws in the United States and in New Jersey. Seth represents clients seeking cannabis permits across the US and licensed operators outside of New Jersey. Thank you, Seth!

Tony Gallo, Managing Partner at Sapphire Security, provides insight into the ancillary business of security – one of the fastest growing and most needed ancillary jobs in the cannabis industry. Sapphire risk provides services from application consulting, security design and build out, to continuing training. Tony has worked on multiple cannabis security projects in New Jersey. Thank you for being a part of NJ Cannabis Certified, Tony!

The United Food and Commercial Workers Union is quickly becoming the Union most associated with cannabis workers across the United States. Hugh Giordano is a Union Representative that handles labor relations with cannabis workers primarily on the East Coast. He talks to students about what it is like to be a unionized cannabis worker. Thank you for joining us, Hugh!

The NJCTA is our newest sponsor, working with NJ Canna Cert to develop a scholarship to reach low income individuals that are interested in working in the cannabis industry, but cannot afford training. Thank you, NJCTA for taking the lead in this important initiative.

Interested in Becoming a Sponsor?

NJ Cannabis Certified is constantly receiving inquiries about scholarships or grants that might be available for individuals that cannot afford tuition.

We are currently seeking sponsors that would help low income individuals apply for full or partial tuition scholarships. Scholarships can be flexible and tailored to the sponsors potential employment needs.

NJ Cannabis Certified seeks to match job candidates with organizations and Alternative Treatment Centers within New Jersey that are hiring. Our graduates have the basic skills needed to get started in the industry. Sponsoring an individual in need is one way for companies to give back within the cannabis industry.

Whether you are an existing Alternative Treatment Center looking to give back, or a company looking to gain a foothold in an ancillary cannabis industry, sponsoring a individual’s education serves both the company and the individual and makes for a better workforce.