Each instructor is an expert in the subject area that they teach. Many have advanced degrees, teach at other reputable colleges, and/or provide education in the cannabis industry in the form of speaking engagements across the United States. We would not be able to provide you with this material if it were not for our great teachers. Thank you to all!

Sarah Trent, Esq.

Founder, NJ Cannabis Certified

Seth R. Tipton, Esq.

Partner, Florio Perrucci Steinhardt Cappelli Tipton & Taylor LLC

Tim Weigand, PMP

Director, The Botanist, NJ

Dr. Thomas Gianfagna

Department of Plant Biology Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Spencer Belz

Marketing, The Botanist NJ

Ally Verello

Grower, Garden State Dispensary

Nick D’Amelio

Cultivation Manager, TerrAscend NJ

Brian Staffa

Cannabis Consultant


Dr. Jahan Marcu, PhD

Endocannabinoid Researcher and Founding Partner at Marcu & Arora


Dr. Ariane Vasilatis, PhD

Lead Researcher and Coordinator at New Jersey Hemp Analytics Lab

Dr. Alan AO RPh

Founder, Plants and Prescriptions

Anson McManus

Cultivation Manager, Justice Cannabis Company

Kristen Goedde

Founder, Trichome Analytical

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